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Pratyush Guglani founded the Kalista designer label to showcase his creativity and vision for luxury women’s wear. Since its inception, it has continued to revolutionize women’s ethnic and fusion fashion in myriad ways. Using their keen understanding of the needs and tastes of the modern Indian woman, their designers craft one of a kind garments that reflect the traditions of India while keeping with the trends of the 21st century. This is evident in their exquisite new range of Printed Dresses, which is an absolute must-see for any budding fashionista. As a connoisseur of art, Guglani draws inspiration from several cultures to craft his collections. From intricate and detailed handcrafted embroideries from all over India to the glamour and impeccable taste of the Victorian and Renaissance era to the eternally appealing craftsmanship and aesthetic of Persian art and architecture - Kalista expertly marries these different influences in their own signature style. The beauty of Designer Dresses lies in their versatility. For some it can convey modesty and tradition. It can just as easily convey glamour and street style. The potential for infinite creativity in lengths, styles, embroideries, and prints makes sarees an exciting venture. Kalista could not help but put their own spin on it!

This comprehensive collection features an impressive range of Printed Dresses that showcases many versatile and different styles - designer midi dresses, designer embroidered dresses, designer printed dresses, designer asymmetric dresses, designer smocked dresses, designer A-line dresses, designer swing dresses, and so much more. Be prepared to be spoiled for choice with a range of exceptional designer garments. With its diverse range of ready to wear ensembles, choosing what to wear has never been easier. Designer one and done outfits are now available at your fingertips. No matter what outfit you choose you are sure to make an unforgettable fashion statement in a Kalista designer dress!

Browse the fresh and flirty collection of Designer Midi Printed Dresses by Kalista

The secret behind a good midi dress lies in its shape and cut. The garment should frame the form without feeling like a burden, it needs to fall at just the right height and clinch at the waist to look attractive. A master of technicality, Kalista brings to you a fresh new collection of Designer Midi Dresses that are executed to perfection. Kalista gets its name from the Greek word that means ‘beautiful and attractive’ and with this incredible collection, it more than lives up to its name.

Show off your elevated sense of style in the Amelia Dress - a rustic vintage floral dress beautifully adorned with elegant bead and thread work. Its soft and earthy tones are a welcome break from the busy visuals of popular fashion. Style it with your most comfortable sandals and oversized sunglasses for the ultimate summer look. Look like the ray of sunshine that you are in a long chintz yellow dress decorated with an asymmetric hemline, delicate embroidery work, and meticulous gold details; this lovely number can be paired with stylish tulip pants and minimal jewellery. Add a bit of ethnic glamour to your life with a powder blue Anaisha dress which has a gorgeous multi colour print, an elaborate embellished neck, and intricate mirror and bead work. For an effortlessly chic look, wear this dress with drape pants and a pair of nude heels.

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